C/C++ programming


C/C++ programming course is an important skill for programmers who wish to work on embedded systems or mobile applications. It teaches you everything about the language from syntax to memory management. This course will teach you how to write programs in C/C++ using the GNU GCC compiler. The course covers all aspects of the language, from syntax to memory management, and includes practical examples that will help you understand the concepts better.

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Learn C Language

In this course, you will learn how to use C language basics such as variables, arrays, functions, loops, and data structures. You will also learn how to use the GNU GCC compiler to compile and run simple C programs.

Understand Data Types

A variable is used to store values. Variables are declared using the “var” keyword followed by the type of value (int, float, double, etc.) and then the name of the variable.

Know how to use Structures

In C/C++, structures are used to group data together. They are similar to classes in other languages. You declare a structure with the keyword struct followed by the name of the structure and then the list of variables inside the structure.

Understand Arrays

An array is a collection of elements where each element has the same type as the others. A structure is a container for multiple variables of different types.

Learn about Pointers

In computer science, pointers are used to refer to other objects. They are also known as indirect references because they do not point directly at the object being referred to. Instead, they contain a reference to the actual location of the object.

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